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Neu Gestalt Contolled Substances

Cd Out Now.Get the CD here

The eagerly anticipated new album by Alex Tronic V Leith Bass Team Nature Flow ,Click to listen !

We are pleased to the announce the long awaited album by Alex Tronic V Leith Bass Team -Nature Flow. Grab the cd here!


Buy Here! ATR CD216 Alex Tronic v Leith Bass Team Cd.

Alex Tronic: Shifting Sands Album -

Buy on iTunes: Shifting Sands - Alex Tronic


Buy ATRCD117- Keser Robo-Ghost here on cd £7.99


KeserBuy Robo_Ghost by Keser Here on iTunes

ATRCD 116-Out Time Will Come CD Album

Marvin Wilson - Our Time Will ComeBuy Here

Buy marvin wilson here on cd 7.99

Snakestyle Turning Point

Buy snakestyle turning point ATRCD109


Snakestyle - Turning Point Buy Here on iTunes

ATRCD072 -Alex Tronic To Infinity

Alex Tronic Buy Here on iTunes

Buy Alex Tronic To Infinity here £7.99


 ATRCD094-Neu Gestalt

Neu Gestalt Buy Altered Carbon Here on iTunes

Neu Gestalt- Altered Carbon cd £8.99  

Marvin Wilson Buy here on iTunes


Buy Iain Carnegie Rise album for £7.99

Iain Carnegie Rise cd album



Iain Carnegie Buy Iain Carnegie Rise here on iTunes


Binary Zero Buy the Binary Zero album here on ITunes

Buy Binary Zero -from here you can see everything CD £7.99  

Buy Marvin Wilson CD Now
Special launch offer price £8.99 includes free worldwide shipping!

Marvin Wilson Buy Marvin Wilson here on iTunes

Buy Roy's Iron DNA CD Now

Roy's Iron DNA - Men In Wax Jackets - Men In Wax Jackets Buy men in wax jackets here on iTunes

Special launch offer price £8.99 includes free worldwide shipping!


A.T.R Volume 1 Compilation album Catalogue No ATRCD023

El Bib - Alex Tronic Records, Vol. 1 Buy ATR Volume 1 here on itunes


Keser album / Esoteric Escape Catalogue No ATRCD022

Keser Buy here on itunes

Pockets Of Resistance - Downloads
Pockets of Resistance CD cover

Pockets of Resistance - Hanging GardenBuy here on itunes


ÅsA - Downloads
AsA - On Off CD cover

Purchase and download full album or individual tracks from iTunes -
+sa - On / Off

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